Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Into the Woods, Out of the Woods, Oh My!

So the biggest discussion right now seems to be whether the Public Theatre's INTO THE WOODS, starring Amy Adams, Donna Murphy, and a plethora of other stars, will be making its way downtown to the Great White Way following its September 1st closing at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park.

According to the New York Times, producers are looking to make the money work and bring the show downtown this fall. Michael Reidel, on the other hand, says no way in hell will this production transfer to Broadway, especially following lukewarm to negative reviews from critics.

Seemingly, no consensus has been made and no one will know for certain until there is an official announcement from the Public Theatre. I, for one, hope it transfers because I love this show and was so excited to see this production (which I won't be able to see in Central Park). Feel free to comment with your thoughts!!

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  1. I've learned to only listen to the critics about 50% of the time. It's more about what the "regular people" are saying. Critics don't buy the tickets, the fans do. I have heard both good and bad about this production, so I am unsure. I will say that I think they'd have to hold on to Amy Adams, or find another "big name" to take to be able to sell tickets to the casual theatre-goer and the tourists.