Thursday, January 24, 2013

Magneto & Professor X to Bring WAITING FOR GODOT to Broadway

Magneto & Professor X, sorry. I mean Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will star in  WAITING FOR GODOT on Broadway this fall. They will perform it in repertory with NO MAN'S LAND at a theatre to be announced.

I think they will be great, especially because their performance was critically acclaimed in London. It is interesting for two plays to be done in rep on Broadway. I've never heard of that being done, and am curious to see how it will play out.

I love Beckett's play and think they are both brilliant actors who will do great work.


  1. I saw waiting for Godot in high school on Broadway, and being the immature brat that I was, a good half of us left at intermission. But I would stay and watch mumbling about tennis from these guys any day (perhaps the highlight of the play for me).

  2. My friend who is currently abroad in London studying theatre (who read the play in a class with me last semester), tweeted when assigned it again in London that now nothing has happened 4 times.