Tuesday, July 3, 2012

REVIEW: EVITA New Broadway Cast Recording

I am going to preface this review with the statement that I have never loved EVITA, but can appreciate its artistic value. That being said, this new recording, like what I've heard of the new production itself, mostly misses the mark.

Listening to the recording, the leads leave much to be desired. Martin's Che is extremely pop-y and when he is paired with pros like Michael Cerveris and Max Von Essen, it is hardly redeeming. That said, he isn't as bad overall as I expected, but his vocals still aren't "good."

Elena Rogers' Eva has gotten a lot of scrutiny from critics and fans alike. While she is no Patti, I think there are a lot of positives in her performances. The Argentinian authenticity she brings to the recording is great and makes it sound much more real. Also, her ballads, like "You Must Love Me," are gorgeous. The true standout of her performance is the Spanish version of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina." anyone who has been her critic will have a new appreciation for her after hearing the track. Roger does struggle in the early part of the show, with "Buenos Aires" being the true let down.

The standouts on the recording for me are the two supporting actors: Max Von Essen and Rachel Potter. Anyone who follows my twitter knows I'm a huge Rachel Potter fan and her "Another Suitcase in Another Hall" is beautiful and stirring. Von Essen is someone I've never really known, and now I'm glad I do. His songs as Magaldi are fantastic and his voice is stronger than either of the male leads in my opinion

Overall, this is an album you could skip in its entirety, but there are definitely some standout tracks worth downloading

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