Tuesday, July 3, 2012

REVIEW: Scott Alan - Live

Scott Alan's fourth album, LIVE, which was recorded live at Birdland, boasts the most star power of any of Alan's album. Alan has recruited some of Broadway's biggest stars (and some foreigners too) to perform a grouping of new songs and old favorites.

From start to finish, this two disc set will be a favorite for any fans of Alan's music, and will make anyone who listens a newfound fan. Unlike the original performances, these performances are raw and sung by artists who truly feel a connection to the songs. Frequently genders were swapped with the original artists which give the songs a brand new feel.

Some highlights for me were Natalie Weiss's "I'm a Star," which has been a favorite on YouTube for a long time now. I also truly love Laura Osnes' rendition of "Now." She performs the song with such finesse, I couldn't even imagine anyone giving the song any more justice. Ben Fankhouser's "Over the Mountain" is one of the male standouts for me. It fits his voice so well.

While, I could write compliments about every track on the two disc album, I'll leave you with those highlights. This album is a DEFINITE MUST for any musical theatre fan.

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