Thursday, October 4, 2012

REVIEW: BRING IT ON Original Broadway Cast Recording

I was really excited for this recording (and the show, which I hope to see in December). I downloaded it as soon as it was available, and had listened to it in its entirety shortly thereafter. Overall, I agree with reviews of the shows: Its better than expected, good, but not great.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tom Kitt, two of Broadway's biggest modern composers, teamed up for this fun, new musical. Unfortunately, this show's score doesn't come close to matching either of their prior successes (In the Heights and Next to Normal respectively). Their music is fun, which when push comes to shove is what this show needs, but it lacks the depth that truly fantastic Broadway scores. I see why this succeeded on the road and totally understand why its struggling on Broadway.

The vocals, for a cast that is almost across the board making their Broadway debuts, are outstanding. Even when they are belting some corny lyrics (i.e. "a castrating biotch"), their chops shine through on this extremely well produced recording.

Is it worth a listen? Yes. Is it worth $12? Yes. Did I run (or jump) to buy tickets to the show? Not so much.

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