Saturday, September 8, 2012

REBECCA: The Doomed New Musical?

REBECCA, the upcoming Broadway musical, has pushed back its rehearsal start date two weeks following the death of one of its main investors. The investor, who was going to put in $4.5 million dollars, passed away in late August, leaving the funds in jeopardy.

The other producers are optimistic that the money will come through from the estate, and rehearsals will be able to start on September 24th, two weeks later than originally scheduled.

There is no word on what this means for the dates of the first preview and opening night, scheduled for October 30th and November 18th, respectively. I'd assume they will be pushed back as well though.

This musical, starring Jill Paice and Ryan Silverman, seems doomed. After an original spring 2012 opening scheduled, the show has had many setbacks. While the production team is optomistic the show will open, I am not holding my breath. I would put money on a major delay or it being shelved indefinitely. But I hope I am wrong and only time will tell.

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