Tuesday, September 18, 2012

REVIEW: NEXT THING YOU KNOW Original Cast Recording

Salzman and Cunningham's NEXT THING YOU KNOW cast recording definitely could be the next thing you will know about. The show, which I had never heard about before, had an Off-Broadway run that resulted in this great recording.

The recording features Patti Murin (Lysistrata Jones), Lauren Blackman, Jay Armstrong Johnson (35mm), and Colin Hanlon.

Vocally, I thought the album had its highs and lows, with the girls sometimes sounding a little too breath-y for my taste. The boys generally are stronger in my opinion, with J.A.J. truly standing out. That being said, I think the music and story speaks for itself.

I found myself loving the story of these 20-somethings experiencing the lives they don't want in the slightest. Songs like "The Way To Get a Girl" and "Hungover" truly standing out not just because they are well sung and acted, but also because musically they are fun and well written.

I am curious to see how this show lives following this release and I definitely think it deserves a listen!

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