Tuesday, May 8, 2012


UPDATE #2: LEAP OF FAITH will officially close on Sunday May 13th after the matinee, according to the show's producers.

Alan Menken posted on his twitter this morning: "@AIMenken: LAST CHANCE SALVATION! If you want to experience LEAP OF FAITH better do it this week. What a long, strange trip it's been...," making it likely that a closing notice would be imminent.

Menken tried to cover it up, by tweeting, "To clarify - If people want to see LEAP OF FAITH continue to run - If people want to see a number from LEAP on the Tonys - BUY TICKETS NOW!!" but the last push wasn't successful.

It seems that a Tony nomination can't save this new musical, that was rushed to Broadway. I saw an early preview and there is definitely a good musical in there somewhere. They just unfortunately didn't give it the time to find it.

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