Tuesday, May 8, 2012

REVIEW: Nick Jonas How to Succeed In Business EP

So, I really was expecting Nick Jonas' "Songs from How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" EP to be bad. But I listened to the previews and was impressed, so I downloaded it. And I am glad I did. If you hadn't told me this was Nick Jonas, I'd have no clue, so I'm glad I went passed my bias and downloaded it. His voice is really well suited for this show. I think he sounds better than Darren Criss did (shocker?!) and better than Daniel Radcliffe (who I loved in the role).

From a pure vocal standpoint, this may be the best How to Succeed recording I've ever heard. Obviously I can't say anything for Jonas' performance, but this EP is definitely worth a download and listen. I think he puts a really interesting spin on the songs, especially "How to Succeed," sort of jazz-ing it up a little bit.

So my charge to you. Download it. Ignore Nick Jonas' name. Judge. Then realize it's Nick Jonas and you will have a lot more respect for him.

UPDATE: In other H2$ news, they just announced today that the show will be closing on May 20th.

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