Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Disney Announces Official NEWSIES Song List

Disney has announced the song list for the upcoming Broadway production of NEWSIES. Obviously, it is subject to change, but this is the general idea of the show's order. It looks good and I am really excited!

Santa Fe (Prologue)- Jack and Crutchie
Carrying The Banner- Company
The Bottom Line- Pulitzer, Seitz, Bunsen, Hannah and Nunzio
That’s Rich- Medda
Don’t Come A-Knocking- Jack, Katherine and Bowery Beauties
The World Will Know- Jack, Davey, Les and Newsies
The World Will Know (Reprise)- Jack, Davey, Les and Newsies
Watch What Happens- Katherine
Seize the Day- Company
Santa Fe- Jack
King of New York- Davey, Les, Katherine and Newsies
Watch What Happens (Reprise)- Jack, Davey, Katherine and Les
The Bottom Line (Reprise)- Pulitzer, Seitz and Mayor
Brooklyn’s Here- Spot Conlon and Newsies
Something to Believe In- Jack and Katherine
Seize the Day (Reprise)- Newsies
Once and For All- Jack, Davey, Les, Katherine, Darcy, Bill and Newsies
Seize the Day (Reprise)- Newsies
Santa Fe/ Carrying the Banner/ King of New York (Finale)-Jack and Company

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