Thursday, February 23, 2012


So I finally watched this week's SMASH, entitled Enter Mr. DiMaggio, and I still really like this show! I really am loving the original music and I think the drama and plot line, although sort of predictable, is very fun and good for this sort of show.

I think Will Chase did a really good job in his guest role as Joe DiMaggio, especially in the songs he sings. He and Megan Hilty blend really well together and his onscreen tension with Debra Messing was fantastic! I'm excited to see more of his character.

The thing I really took from this week's episode, which brings us closer to the looming workshop, was how AMAZING Anjelica Huston is as an actress. Her scenes were magnetic and I couldn't stop thinking how great she was every time she was on screen.

This was a good setting things up episode and didn't add too much to the plot, but I see a lot of good, interesting things on the horizon.

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