Thursday, April 12, 2012

REVIEW: SWEENEY TODD 2012 London Cast Recording

So I just got my copy of the cast recording of the new 2012 London production of SWEENEY TODD starring Imelda Staunton and Michael Ball. It is an amazing recording, potentially my favorite recording of the show (I know it's blasphemous to like a revival better than the original but I don't care). While not a full recording, because Pirelli, "Green Finch" (which is all for the better if you ask me), a lot of the wigmaker sequence and the final scene were all cut out, what is on the recording is very high quality. I sort of wish this was a double disk recording so that we could get a sense of the full show.

I think the cast is fantastic. Imelda Staunton really impressed me, especially because I never knew she could sing. Also, never before have I laughed out loud listening to a cast recording of a dramatic show. Antony (Luke Brady) also was very impressive in my opinion. Michael Ball was great as well, but it was sort of assumed that he would sound great.

I wish I could see this production and hope the rumors of a potential Broadway transfer are true.

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