Monday, March 26, 2012


Last weekend I went to see Disney's newest hit NEWSIES, based on the cult-hit film of the same name. In short. I LOVED IT!

The thing that really stands out is the dancing. Everywhere imaginable throughout this show, there was an amazing mix of jazz, tap, and ballet that really showcased the scope and power of the cast's collective talent.

Jeremy Jordan, starring as the leader of the Newsies' rebellion Jack Kelley, blew the show out of the water with the score perfectly fitting his voice. Jordan also was perfect in exuding the gruff New York ruffian that Jack Kelly is.

Kara Lindsay also stood out as the brand new character, Katherine, the love interest for Jack Kelley. Lindsay kind of reminded me of a mixture of Laura Osnes and Rose Hemingway (How to Succeed). She was awesome and I see her being a big star in the near future.

As amazing as it was, there were some sound issues which will hopefully be fixed by the time previews end. The set was really cool and was perfect for this kind of show because of how versatile the metal structure was.

I highly recommend RUNNING to see Newsies ASAP!!! It was by far one of the best shows I've ever seen!

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