Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Track Listing for BONNIE & CLYDE Original Cast Recording

According to Amazon, here is the tracklisting for the upcoming Broadway cast recording of Frank Wildhorn's ill-fated BONNIE & CLYDE. Luckily for us, this recording features tons of the super talented Laura Osnes (Anything Goes) and Jeremy Jordan (Newsies). I'm so excited for it!

1. Prologue: How 'Bout A Dance (Orchestra)
2. Picture Show (Kelsey Fowler, Talon Ackerman, Laura Osnes & Jeremy Jordan)
3. This World Will Remember Me (Jeremy Jordan & Laura Osnes)
4. You're Going Back To Jail (Melissa Van Der Schyff, Claybourne Elder, Alison Cimmet, Garrett Long, & Marissa McGowan)
5. How 'Bout A Dance (Laura Osnes)
6. When I Drive (Jeremy Jordan & Claybourne Elder)
7. God's Arms Are Always Open (Michael Lanning, Melissa Van Der Schyff, & Ensemble)
8. You Can Do Better Than Him (Louis Hobson & Jeremy Jordan)
9. You Love Who You Love (Laura Osnes & Melissa Van Der Schyff)
10. Raise A Little Hell (Jeremy Jordan)
11. This World Will Remember Us (Jeremy Jordan & Laura Osnes)
12. Made In America (Michael Lanning & Ensemble)
13. Too Late To Turn Back Now (Laura Osnes & Jeremy Jordan)
14. That's What You Call A Dream (Melissa Van Der Schyff)
15. What Was Good Enough For You (Jeremy Jordan & Laura Osnes)
16. Bonnie (Jeremy Jordan)
17. Raise A Little Hell (reprise) (Jeremy Jordan, Claybourne Elder, & Louis Hobson)
18. Dyin Ain't So Bad (Laura Osnes)
19. Dyin Ain't So Bad (reprise) (Laura Osnes & Jeremy Jordan)
20. How 'Bout A Dance (reprise) (Laura Osnes)
21. BONUS TRACK: This Never Happened Before (Jeremy Jordan & Laura Osnes)

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